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Mike's Custom Saddles
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Welcome to my website.
On this site you will see a variety of saddles which show different tree styles, horns, riggings, tooling patterns and so on. Each saddle is built to customer specifications using only the finest quality Hermann Oak, A grade leathers. The rawhide covered saddle trees are made by Timberline Saddle Tree, Inc. to the specifications that you and I determine are right for you and your type of riding. Stainless steel or brass hardware and other fine materials complete the saddle. They are made one at a time by hand by me and are designed to fit your horses and to be extremely comfortable. With proper care they should last a lifetime.
Each saddle has an all leather ground seat which has no metal or fiber glass. This process is more time consuming but it insures the best fitting and best sitting seat possible.
The stirrup leathers are pre-stretched, twisted and set. The holes are reinforced and punched in half spaces for longer wear and better adjustments.
Each saddle is "one-of-a-kind". They are built with pride and with the experience of over thirty five years as a saddlemaker and a lifetime as a horseman.
I have trained everything from winning race horses to winning cutting horses. I managed a large (200,000+ acres) cattle and sheep ranch in Wyoming and have spent most of my life in a saddle. I know what it takes to fit a horse and how a saddle should feel to the rider.
The saddles shown are only a sample of what is available. Your saddle can show your own individual style. Let me help design one for you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. These saddles are made to be used and then handed down to the next generation of horsemen and horsewomen.

If you ever wondered what quality feels like, just have a seat in one of these. You and your horse will be happy you did.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to serving you.

Michael Meaux

Base Price: $4500.00
Options and price list available on request.

Mike's Custom Saddles
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